Women’s Conference Reflections

Thank you for your prayers and support for the women’s conference on Labor Day weekend! There was a sweet presence throughout the conference, and we know that it was the presence of the Lord.

Women leaders of all ages and backgrounds and from 3 countries and 6 U.S. states gathered together at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina to learn about women of the Bible who conducted their lives with integrity and faith to make an impact on society. These ladies are leaders in church, business, home, society, and/or leaders-in-training, and Leavethe99 sponsored part of the conference with Her Leader’s Heart.

The women of the Bible dealt with all sorts of challenging circumstances, and each found a way to overcome while maintaining faith in God. We talked about the leadership and faith qualities that these women displayed, and how we can apply these in our lives.

Through the training, the ladies were encouraged and empowered to know the relentless love of God for themselves, and to pursue others with His love as they lead in their sphere of influence. God poured His love into the ladies in a deeper way, bringing inner healing and restoration. At the close of the conference, many expressed how they felt fired up and ready to move forward in life and ministry without fear.

I was blessed by these ladies, especially seeing how everyone worked together, prayed together, ate together, and volunteered to handle tasks. We all learned from each other. Each lady’s gifts were activated during the conference, whether it was in an upfront role or behind the scenes, even down to uplifting each other in one-on-one conversations. We all left encouraged, empowered, and ready to share what we learned with our communities.

Did You Know?

Rahab and Corrie Ten Boom both sheltered Jews as they were being pursued, and out of that nations were saved. (Thanks to Laurie C. for sharing this tidbit!) On another note, Rahab became Ruth’s mother-in-law when Ruth married Rahab’s son Boaz.