Women Ministering In Ethiopia

Blog by: Kelly Wallace.

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.
Acts 2:17″ (NIV)

God is clear that He will pour out His Spirit on all people. He didn’t say men only or older people only. Men and women, young and older, can be conduits of God’s spirit.

On the recent mission in Eastern Ethiopia, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women ministers who came for the training, prayer, and fellowship. Young women, older women, single women, mothers, and grandmothers. A few women brought their children. Some walked for miles to be there. One passionate lady with a beautiful smile, sweet spirit, and bright blue patterned dress was there as a nursing mother. She and a few other ladies nestled into one of the side pews so they could easily get up and down to care for their children. These ladies are warriors in the spirit, and we were blessed to hear about how they’ve pressed on through persecution to minister God’s love to people in unreached villages. Many of the ladies have seen people get delivered from demon possession, healed of sicknesses, and delivered from addictions.

I was equally touched by how the women ministers from Eastern Ethiopia and those who traveled there to encourage them connected, especially the mothers. Sometimes it was just exchanging a warm, genuine smile with eyes of understanding. When the lady in blue was balancing her baby, listening to training, and trying to enjoy a snack, one of the Petros team members offered to hold her baby for a while. Other ladies also joined in helping watch the children, including the kids whose moms were preparing snacks for all the traveling pastors. One young girl, about 8 years old, liked to follow me around while her mom prepared snacks and washed dishes. Though we spoke different languages, God’s spirit was with us. While we passed the string back and forth to recreate the “cat’s cradle,” I would speak about God to her while praying silently for her to grow and know God’s love for herself. At one point, I invited her to pray with us for one of the women ministers we were interviewing for Petros Network. She may not realize this now, but she was witnessing God’s spirit being poured out on all people. She was seeing how God works through women of all ages to share His love. She heard the trainers training the pastors, and she heard about the challenges and miracles that the pastors experienced. One day, she may be one of the women ministers who goes out into unreached areas and shares God’s love. Maybe some of God’s love dropped into her spirit, and she could be telling other kids about Him now.

Like Lydia, the maker of fine purple cloth she sold to royalty, these women and the ladies reading this article, are daughters of the King, God himself. He wants to adorn us with His love, so we can share it with others around us, even if that means taking us to places we’ve never been before.