Water Tank Project

Help Provide Clean Water to Kakoro Church/School in Uganda

Rainwater Collection Systems have provided clean water to tens of thousands of people over the years. Here are some of the basic
details about the rainwater collection systems:
• 10,000 liter tank (2,600 gallons)
• Provides drinking water for approximately 100 families or 500 students
• Provides water for small agricultural projects
• 30+ year lifespan
• Locally manufactured
• Locally installed
• Completely tax deductible gift

Your donation helps provide:
• 10,000 liter plastic tank;
• Delivery of tank and materials;
• Base for tank;
• Gutters for existing building;
• Fittings;
• Water filter – Lifetime of 1,000,000 gallons.

Total Investment: $1,150
Total Raised: $950


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