Water Is Life

The stream where they gathered water.

At a pastors training conference where we served under Petros Network in 2017, we met a pastor from Uganda. This pastor expressed to Leavethe99 Vice President Dave Burkholder the need for water for his church and the school. Later in the year I (Jason Wallace, Leavethe99 President) traveled to his church and the local school, which serves 300 to 400 children. While there, I walked with the pastor to the location of their water source. It was sparse and a long way from the church and school.

The land was divided into tiers along the stream which flowed from a mountain in the distance. The locals purchased parcels of land, which consisted of “tiers” which allowed them to get water from the stream. The tiers closer to the mountain received more water and the water was cleaner. The tiers further away from the mountain received less water and the water was less sanitary. In the words of the pastor, “These people could spend the first hours of the day fetching dangerous water for cooking and drinking… the water we used was shared with frogs and cows.”
The Water Tank encased in mortar.

The Water Tank encased in mortar.

After hearing this, filled with compassion, we decided to seek out supporters who would help purchase a water tank so the children and church goers would no longer be dependent on the mountain stream. We set up a designated fund for this project. Individual sponsors responded to the need and provided the resources for purchasing a water tank. The tank catches rain water and then filters the water. The result is clean water provided to the church goers and school children.

Heavy rains filling the tank.

Not long after the tank was installed, we waited patiently for reports of rainfall. I remember the rain storm that rose up when we trained there. It was a hard rain and rough winds which at times was scary. However, this time when the rain came, there was celebration. For with it came the hope of clean water.

I recently received an email from the pastor of that church. In his email, he sent a picture of children drinking water from the tank and he shared with joy, “This is how life is now. Give us one year and we will see how all things will change. We are left with only one thing (and) that’s painting our tank and put(ting) the name of the organization that sacrificed for it… Water is Life.”

Life now. Children enjoying clean water as they take a break from learning at school.