Villager’s Daughter Raised from the Dead

DSCN2934The following is a story from one of the missionary pastors we interviewed in Ethiopia

“A girl from our church came home from school at 4pm and fainted in her house. She would not wake up. Her family took her to the clinic, they gave her medicine, but she still wouldn’t wake up. So they brought her back home and she died at 6pm that night.  Her family were new converts, and they continued to pray for her all through the night. At 3am they gave up and came to my house to tell me she had passed away. When I heard, I travelled with them back to the house and saw many people were gathered around her. I told all the people to stay because God was about to do something great. The unbeliever family members said they didn’t need to waste their time, they wanted to prepare her body for burial. I said ‘No, you stay and you will see God’s miraculous power.’ I started to pray for the girl. I knew God would bring her back to life, because of my experience when God brought my son back to life 11 years ago when I prayed for him, which is why my wife now believes. Even last year, my son died again, and people brought me to him and through my prayers, God raised him to life again. So I had faith God would do the same for this girl who had just died. I started praying for her, and after 30 minutes she jumped up and starting screaming. I realized she was possessed so I cast out the demon in her. Because of this, four of her family members came to know Christ and now attend my church.”