Ukraine_Orphanage_All_smlThe trip to Ukraine May 26-June 3 was a very moving experience that we are excited to share with you. Because of our supporters, and God’s grace, we were able to provide four large suitcases of much needed clothes, toys, crafts, and other supplies to the orphans in Ukraine. We also met with and encouraged the family who leads an orphan ministry in Ukraine.

IMG_0461They are working on establishing art classes for the street kids orphanage. While in Ukraine, we also had opportunities to visit and encourage 25+ orphans aged 7 to 18 in one city and a roomful of toddler orphans in another city. Some of the young people from a church in Kiev joined with us and helped translate. Two of the children in the “baby center” could not walk due to foot/leg disabilities- one of those two was a six year old girl. She is there because of the level of care she needs. The children were very welcoming, and some of them wrapped their little arms around us. At both orphanages, we gave out the hats, toys, and sweets that you donated for the children to enjoy.

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