Torit Part 3

Part of the training for the missionaries involved teaching them fundamentals of ministry. Mark spoke on the call and on how to preach a sermon. Then he had one of the missionaries come up and give a five minute message. Thor spoke on how the kingdom of God has come and how it is with Christ, but not in the fullness until Christ returns.

One other speaker talked about leadership and trust. He explained how we first must trust God and then we must trust each other.

He told us of the story of how his son was born with a disability. At the time he didn’t understand why God allowed it. Every time he saw his son he would just break down in tears of compassion. He had so many dreams for his son and it broke his heart that his son wouldn’t be able to live a normal life like most children. He would cry out and ask God, “Why did you allow this?” And finally, one day while visiting his son in the hospital, the Lord spoke to him and said “my grace is sufficient.”

At this, he broke down in tears. He said that most times when he tells the story of his son, most people want to know if God eventually healed him. But he explained that God did not heal his son. His son now lives a great life even with his disability. This is a continual reminder to his dad that God’s grace is sufficient. He doesn’t always take away the things that are difficult – even though that is a common teaching – but instead God sometimes grants us grace to endure the trials or obstacles of life.

In his message, he demonstrated trusting each other with the example of the trust fall – extreme edition. First, he had a group of us catch him falling back from the standing position. After he could trust us with that, he then had us catch him falling back off of a chair. After he could trust us catching him falling off a chair, he then proceeded to get up on the window sill (which was about four and a half feet off the ground), and then had us catch him from there.

We all thought he was a little crazy. But his demonstration proved several points. First, trust has to be earned. Because we didn’t drop him when he fell backwards from the standing up position, he could trust us by falling back off a chair. When he could trust us with that, he then knew he could trust us with falling backwards out of the window. Each fall backwards was not only a test of trust for him, but also a challenge for us to ensure we did our best to keep him from injury.

Finally, the last part of his example involved one of the missionaries. He challenged someone to come up and try the trust fall from the window sill. A brave young man came up and climbed up the window sill. Crossed his arms and then trusted a group of men he had only known for a few days (some for a few hours) to catch him. If we failed, he could have been badly injured, but because he saw the example of the teacher, he knew he could trust us and take the risk.

If we are to walk as the body of Christ, as leaders or followers, we must learn to trust God and each other. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35