Torit Part 1

We arrived in Torit in the afternoon. The plans for staying at the same location as the church from Colorado fell through, so we had to find another place to stay. Martin, a contact in Sudan, was able to help us find rooms for the night.

On the way to the location we rode on dirt bikes. This is a common taxi in Southern Sudan. Riding on the back of a dirt bike with a large back pack will really challenge your sense of balance. It was almost comical for Mark, our fearless leader. Mark, who is a tall 200 plus lb man who looks the part of an explorer, was left with the dirt bike that was driven by a small framed boy who was probably no older than 12 or 13.

The roads are very sandy in spots, so the young man was trying to avoid the soft areas to keep their balance. He was doing a pretty good job until someone walked out in front of them. He swerved to miss the passer by and ended up in deep sand. This caused him to start to lose control of the steering.

Mark, being a fast thinker, quickly leaned over the boy’s small frame and grab the handle bars to straighten them out. The boy then looked back at Mark in shock and then let out a big smile. Mark had helped them escape a nasty fall.

When arrived at the motel we each had our own rooms. The bathrooms were combined with the showers and had lots of spiders making a home up above. My room in particular had a hole in the ceiling. I kept wondering if any scorpions would make an appearance after Thor mentioned seeing one in his room, but there were not “pets” for me.

The motel was across from a school.  You could see a group of young boys playing soccer with a ball that was flat and half ripped apart. The boys didn’t seem to care that they were running and sliding across hard rock and kicking a ball that looked like it had become a pancake. They were just so full of joy.

While the boys played soccer, you could see the young girls walking by. Many carried what I presume to be their younger sisters on their backs. Other older girls carried water jugs or other supplies on their heads. There is definitely a lack of equality when it comes to men and women.

As I was watching the young boys and girls walk by I saw what I believe to be a vision from God. What I saw was angels walking among the children. Then I heard a voice that said, “ My presence will abide with them. I will bring deliverance and healing to this land. I will go with the ones who are sent out and protect them. They will shine like a light in the darkness. My hand will be upon them to build My church.”

This was the point that I realized that this probably won’t be my last time in Torit.