Report From Mexico

Thor and I arrived into Mexico City quite late. The city is a lot larger than I imagined. I was expecting a smaller town, like the ones we visit in Africa. However, Mexico City is not small – it has approximately 33 million residents.

Originally, we were supposed to travel directly to Puebla, but our transportation didn’t work out as we expected. So instead, we spent the night at an airport hotel. The next morning, refreshed from the night’s rest, we took a bus to La Puebla. It is a beautiful city with lots of character.

There we partnered with the Costa Rican team to train the 45 church leaders in attendance. Topics of the training consisted of “How to Build A Church from the Bottom Up”, along with an overall theme of obeying the call of God on our lives. It was exciting seeing God bring unity between people from Costa Rica, Mexico, and the U.S. It is a reminder of how vast His church is and how we can work as one body around the world.

I personally shared about how God has a destiny for each of His leaders, and how His vision is greater than what we can imagine. Because of this, we must trust God when He directs our steps down a different road than we originally have in mind. As it states in Isaiah 55:8-9:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Three days later we took a 4-hour drive to Veracruz, where we met the Pastor of a small church. The church had been through a lot of difficult times and needed encouragement. That night Thor spoke about, “Facing Your Giant” and then we had ministry time. The team prayed for four people who all said God healed them.

There was one man named Benito who asked for prayer. I could tell by the way he walked that he was in pain. He shared with us that he had cramping in his lower legs and pain in his knees. Gizzelle and I prayed for him and God took away all the pain!

We could see the joy on his face as he was pain free!

We also met a pastor who has a church in Northern Mexico. The church is located in an area surrounded by cartels. He showed us a video of when a member of his congregation was shot while police where fighting off the cartel.

Walter was excited about the training and he has invited us to do a training on “Discipleship Making Movements” at his church in 2019. We have accepted and are excited about the opportunity to train there and hopefully see thousands start to follow Christ.

As always, God is faithful and it is humbling to be invited into the work which He is doing. It is because of your prayers and financial gifts that we are able to spread the message of hope and love around the world.