On the Ground: One Woman’s Experience

The following is an article from my good friend Michelle. She was the Interview Team Leader for Petros Network during our October trip to Ethiopia.

A couple weeks ago my faith got a complete makeover when I sat down to help interview many of our Ethiopian Missionary Pastors in Jeldu-Gojo. Hearing pastor after pastor tell stories of being stoned, beaten, imprisoned, etc. and the miraculous ways God provided during these times, was convicting beyond words. And what made these pastors most emotional wasn’t describing the horrors of their suffering, but how God used their suffering to reach the lost with His love.

The pastor in this photo (in the dark jacket) came to know Jesus when he was praying in an Islamic Mosque. As he prayed, he saw “John 14:6” appear in the flame of a candle in front of him. He recognized it was likely a Christian Scripture reference and left immediately to search for a Bible. When he finally found one, he read for the first time: “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” (John 14:6). He gave his life to the Lord immediately and three weeks later heard God’s call into the ministry. Since then, he lives everyday in conditions beyond my comprehension, risking his life to bring the Gospel to thousands of unreached people in his hostile village.

These pastors know what it means to die to themselves daily so that Christ’s power and love can reign in and through them. It’s my heart’s greatest desire to know God the way these men and women do… in a way that sustains them with inexplicable joy through the most difficult of life’s circumstances.


Michelle-Hartt-blog-photo1Michelle Hartt is the Women’s Ministry Pastor at Coquitlam Alliance Church in Canada and part of the Ministry Team that makes up Petros Network Canada. Michelle lives with her husband and two children in Coquitlam, BC.

This article has been reproduced with the permission of the original author and Petros Network.