Thor_logoThe Mission:  To train and empower leaders who have chosen, despite trials and hardships to follow Jesus and lead on in the Kingdom of God.

“Thrilled to be doing Kingdom business with  new friend and master church planter Thor Colberg!  Where he is going is not for the faint of heart.  Hope someday soon to have ice water flowing in my veins like him.”  Ray Noah, founder of Petros Network

How Began was birthed out of a desire and gift mix for training Pastors and Church Planters and leaders.  Global Training Network with their invitation to come on staff gave me the financial oversight and accountability  that I wanted.  I took a pay cut at the Vineyard and hired an an assistant Pastor.   Organization structures were in flux and change happened so that the Vineyard would thrive while I developed and grow in training leaders.   The stage was being set.  And, than God spoke again…

It’s around 11pm. Friday night, August 9, 2012. So I open my computer, and here’s this message from this UK Vineyard prophetic type guy for  me and the Vineyard North Charlotte  on my FB message board. He doesn’t know me and I don’t know him. And yet, he speaks this word from God that is so confirmational and so right on:

“Hi Thor I was looking at your church website and I believe the Lord gave me the following word for you. You are coming into a season as a church, and personally, of expansion.

 I see expansion of ministries, as well as ministerial opportunities for you (more travel abroad) It is a season of re-adjustment, staff and structural changes. You are a vine whose branches will climb over walls that once restrained you as a church. I also see a fresh move of the spirit in your midst… May God richly bless you.”        continues to be a ministry that is directed by the Lord.  We’ll growing!   The opportunities are many and the need is great.