It’s Not About A Person, But His Presence.

Report from Jason Wallace:

While in Uganda, God gave me a message for a church in Kabwangasi: “God has given you purpose and you are agents of change. Every follower of Christ has His Spirit and can be a witness of God’s love to the community around us. As His followers, we must recognize the gifts He has placed in us and in our fellow brothers and sisters. Through encouraging one another in our giftings rather than look down on each other, we can grow stronger as Christ’s body. Lifting up each other, we can restore fellow believers when they fall into temptation or sin. We can come alongside others as they are mourning and comfort those who need comfort and encouragement.”

Afterwards, God gave me a word of knowledge that there were people who had pain in their arms. Four ladies came up. One was an older lady wearing a blue dress and had pain in her lower leg/ankle. She was walking slowly and with a slight limp. I prayed for her. She wanted to test her leg, so she kicked it rapidly and walked around. She said it still hurt 8 out of 10. God told me to pray again, and that He was going to heal her. So I prayed again and asked how it felt. She wanted to test it again, so she again kicked the leg rapidly and walked on it. She said it still hurt some but a little less.

Then I turned and told the congregation: “God may or may not heal her, and that it is up to Him. If I pray for her and she is not healed, that is okay. When we pray for someone we are not trying to make the healing happen. That is up to God. We are not trying to build a reputation, but praying for God’s love to bring healing.” Recalling the time Jesus prayed 3 times before a person was healed, I shared this account with the congregation and said we will pray one more time. “If God heals her great, to God be the Glory. If not, that’s okay.”

We are not trying to build a reputation, but praying for God’s love to bring healing.Jason

Then God told me to touch her ankle directly when praying, so I knelt down and prayed, then asked her how it felt and if the pain was gone. She once again kicked her leg and walked around. She then proclaimed the pain was fully gone. “Tell me the truth now, don’t tell a lie,” I quizzed. She said “Yes, the pain is totally gone; I am not lying.”

So I asked her to pray over the lady in the yellow dress standing behind her. She had pain in her lower arm. The first time the older lady prayed, the pain went down to 20 percent. After the second prayer, the pain was totally gone!

As the older lady who was healed of the leg/ankle went back to her seat, she walked faster and without a limp on her way back. God had really healed her!
The lady in yellow who was just healed of the lower arm pain prayed for the lady wearing a blue dress who could not lift or rotate her arm without pain.

Neither the pastor nor I was next to the lady in yellow as she prayed. This was to demonstrate that God’s power can minister through anyone, and not just
pastors or those we deem as “men or women of God.” I shared with the congregation that they can do this in their community.

The lady in yellow was shy about praying so I instructed her to pray “Come Lord, send your Spirit, and heal her arm.” After the first prayer the lady in blue said it went down to a five (out of 10). After the second prayer, the pain was totally gone! She rotated her arm and moved it up and down with no pain. The lady in blue was so encouraged and full of faith that she turned around and laid her hand on another lady’s arm and prayed for her. The lady being prayed for had nerve pain from the bottom of her arm to the top of her arm. When the lady in blue prayed for her, she said she felt a cool water sensation running up her arm and the pain was totally gone!

The message closed with encouraging the congregation to pray for others in their community just as they saw us do here. They clapped and glorified God. God was healing others, too, and the pastor agreed to update us with reports of God’s work in the church and community.