Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

During the Thanksgiving holidays, a dear friend of mine invited me to join an online group called  “No Complain November”.   Her invite  just happened to pop up on my Facebook page on the  same day that I was on the soap box complaining about how early they start piping  “Joy to the World”  into all the airwaves. So you guessed it! I joined her group!

I made it through several days without complaining.  I think it was a test for me, because during that time, the transmission went on my car, my brakes needed repair and every time I opened my desk drawer, there were bills staring at me from inside their little white window envelopes.

But I vowed I would not complain, and each day, as I scrambled to find things to be thankful for in the middle of my very expensive vehicle repairs, something really, really awesome happened. A friend of mine who I had invited to church more times than I can count, finally went to church with me and after the worship experience, she accepted Christ as her Savior!

As I thought about how she had prepared her heart to make room for God’s love to be born in her, I also thought about my own heart.  But of course Jesus already lives there right? I mean, I have been a Christian for a long, long time. Prepare Him room? I already did that, didn’t I?  Yes! There is plenty of room in my heart for Jesus!

Or is there? When we complain and fill our hearts with negativity or see only what we don’t have rather than what we do have, we have no room left for Him.  We dishonor Him. We forget to say thank you for what He has given us. We invited Him in, but he can’t find a place to sit down and commune with us anymore.

Racing through the streets of Bethlehem, Joseph pounded on the doors with his pregnant wife, Mary in labor with little time left before she gave birth. Over and over again, Joseph heard the same words.
“No room”. “Sorry, I’m busy”. “No Vacancy”. “Can’t you see we are having a crisis here?” “Go away!”

This is how the the King of Kings and Lord of Lords entered our world two thousand years ago…and unfortunately, it’s still too often the response He receives as He stands at our hearts door and knocks.

After my car was repaired, I sat at a red light on my way into work one morning. The shops around me were now decorated with wreaths and lights and tinsel.  As I reached to turn down my radio, I stopped. There it was playing. The Christmas music…but this time, the words of the song beckoned to me with authority and power.

“Joy …Joy …to the world” … not complaints, not a feeling of entitlement…but “Joy to the World, the Lord has come”. “Let Earth receive her King”. “Let every heart prepare Him room”. Perhaps this doesn’t only mean the hearts of those that have never met Him, I thought..like my friend,  but every heart. My heart and yours. Prepare Him room. Always.

So in the busyness of the Christmas rush, let’s be reminded to move the boxes of negativity and ungratefulness out, and prepare room for our Lord and King.  Let’s come before Him with Thanksgiving and enter His courts with Praise.